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The Breath of Ages: Republished for 2020

Free for a limited time during lockdown, The Breath of Ages is back - don't go through the park... at all...

It's a tale for children. An urban myth to laugh at, and mock.

The Tomb of Sebastian Carpenter haunts the town of Tayborough, and the child inside needs company. If you see it, you’re his for the rest of time.

No one believes the stories any more.

No one but Ben Stafford.

For Ben knows it’s real. He’s seen the Tomb. It lingers in his dreams. It’s called out to him...

Beware the Elderly Man. Beware the Wolves of Forever Return. Give. Me. Your. Last...

And now the race is on. Carpenter’s Tomb is opening, and only Ben can stop the Reaper of Souls being unleashed upon the world.

But what horrors lie dormant within the Book of the Brave Five Thousand? What is the bleak secret hidden inside the old Antique Shop?

And can Ben escape the nightmare of his darkest day?


Previously in Amazon's Top Ten horror stories for young adults, The Breath of Ages is back, and available at Amazon here.

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